• Recording food intake ? a diet under control?

    All those who are bothered by an eating disorder know well how unpleasasnt it is when life gets limited to a constant control over body weight and calories. Whether we try solving our trouble ourselves or we seek an expert help, following questions wil …

  • Anorexia and bulimia ? three superstitions about our bodies

    Who is slim and who is already fat? How much should one weigh „to look well“? How has it all started? Feelings of dissatisfaction with one´s look, foremost one´s weight, maybe a remark by classmates or parents on one´s figure, a desire to lose some kil …

  • My friend is ill ? what shall I do?

    Thoughts, worries and confusion on one side: 1. My friend has anorexia, I cannot leave her alone, I must get her out of it somehow! 2. She should go to a doctor. Shall I drag her there even when she does not want? 3. She said several times that she wou …

  • How can the close people help

    It might be better to ask first: ?When can the close people help??. I also count among the close ones of a person who struggles with an eating disorder. And I thought that I could help immediately, that I must help immediately. I begged, cried, blackma …

  • Orthorexia, bigorexia, drunkorexia

    Nowadays we can often read or hear that our culture is affected by an easy access to food and a lack of active movement, both resulting in growing numbers of overweight people. At the same time, there is an increasing number of those who have various ? …

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