• Basic recommendations

    In general, there are many popular prejudices and misconceptions concerning a „correct“ nutrition. Healthy nutrition has nothing in common with monotonous diet, forbidden food or counting calories. People with eating disorders have linked food with fea …

  • Size of portions

    To know how big a portion should be in order to satisfy hunger and yet not to overeat is often a major issue for eating disorder patients. The old proverb that „fear has big eyes“ often applies in anorexia nervosa – the patient sees portions on a plate …

  • Underweight and diet

    Underweight along with general malnutrition are among basic symptoms of anorexia nervosa (there is a type of anorexia nervosa without underweight and on the other hand, underweight may be due to another severe disease). Body weight can be estimated by …

  • Overeating and diet

    Binge eating (possibly followed by vomiting in bulimia) relates a lot with great fluctuations in eating, fasting and massive reduction of food consumption. Similar to anorexia, the fear of overweight is very important. To estimate whether your body wei …

  • Further recommendations

    The following text should be taken as recommendations based on experience from work with eating disorder patients. They are meant namely for parents and partners. Their application in a household may be accompanied by patients´ indignation, as they lim …

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